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Hinduism: The Oldest Surviving Religion

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

India is an ancient land of knowledge and wisdom. Mathematicians, like Aryabhata, established the value of Pi, and thought leaders like Chanakya laid the foundations of political science. Indian Civilization is the oldest in the world, and even though several other ancient civilizations have ceased to exist, the Indian Civilization and its way of life - Hinduism, has survived.

Despite foreign invasions over the centuries that looted India’s wealth and ventured to destroy Indian culture and heritage, the way of life called “Santana Dharma” still survives and grows more robust around the globe with the spread of ancient practices such as yoga, transcendental meditation, belief in reincarnation and Ayurveda.

Indian texts have mentioned the time dilations as a result of travel to far-off galaxies. In a story from a series of ancient Indian texts called “Puranas,” one of the kings had traveled to Brahma Loka (Lord Brahma’s abode) and spent only a day there; when he returned, thousands of generations had passed. Einstein’s twin paradox was known to the ancient Indians 4000 years ago when the Puranas were written.

The latest advances in satellite imaging provide evidence to ancient kingdoms in India, beyond 7,000 years ago, when the rest of the world was still in primitive stages. For instance, the existence of the now-defunct river Saraswati was proven using satellite imaging, a river mentioned in the Vedas, composed before 1900 B.C.E. With the discovery of Lord Krishna’s Dwarka under the Arabian sea, stories previously regarded as mythology are now considered factual ancient history. The movement and sightings of planets and constellations mentioned in the great epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, and precise astrological calculations have ascertained dates of critical events described in them. The year of the Mahabharata war is now established independently by Dr. Jayasree Saranathan to be 3136 BCE.

References: 1) The myth of the epoch of Arundhati of Nilesh Nikanth Oak by Dr. Jayasree Saranathan.

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