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The Twelve Truths of Wisdom

Updated: Feb 14

Vaibhav M. Varkhedkar, BPharm, MS, MBA

"Oh! Lord Krishna, what good is this victory when everyone for whom I fought this great war is gone? Gone is my brother, my children, my nephews, my cousins, my uncles, my teacher, my great-granduncle, and so many friends", asked Yudhisthira, the King of Pandavas and Hastinapura.

What good is winning when you are treading over dead bodies for every step?

What good is your selection where you become part of a team infested with moral and fiscal corruption?

What good is friendship when friends stay silent about injustices to you?

What good is money where wealth leads to your decline?

What good is health when all you do is destroy self, others, and society?

What good is happiness where you are making ten others unhappy?

What good is mental peace when the world is in turmoil?

What good is fame when it comes at the expense of others?

What good is beauty where there's none to enjoy it?

What good is your admiration when internally you must conceal things from admirers?

What good is hope when you can't see the future?

What good is love when it's not reciprocated?

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