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Twilight Blues

- Vaibhav M Varkhedkar, B Pharm, MS, MBA

The sunsets and twilight beckon making way for a million stars. The emptiness of this moment is misleading with bawling geese returning home above and below; the trees come alive with the stridulating community of crickets.

A sip of scotch on the rocks satisfies the soul more than the cool evening breeze as it caresses the skin. The zapper buzzes sporadically with a kill, every tiny zap reminding of an escape from the itchy bite and one vermin less to bother you.

The aroma of smoke from your firepit takes you back to those days you might have spent on a farm, a roasting chicken, or the warm flatbread mixed with the earthy smell of a clay oven.

The crescent moon arrives from the east, casting its silvery brilliance and diminishing the glory of higher magnitude stars several thousand light years far. Few puffs of clouds cover the moon occasionally as they roll into the vast nightly sky.

Perfume of night blooming Jasmine effervesces the scene, clearly demonstrating the power of many over an individual flower. The osmosis of ethereal frights is driven into focus as darkness prevails in every nook and corner with its mysterious shadows.

You check your surroundings and remind yourself of the locked perimeters of your sweet spot, your territorial watering hole. A stick in hand, perhaps to provide a sense of security from the critters and crawlies who are not attracted to the buzzing zapper nearby.

Alas! It’s time to go to bed, under the covers with eyes closed, reminiscing of the lonely evening you just had filled with sensory delights that quenched all of your six senses!

----The End

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