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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

- Vaibhav M. Varkhedkar

Why do we look forward to tomorrow when every tomorrow brings us closer to the end of our existence?

Why do we celebrate birthdays when every candle blown reminds us of the fewer candles left to blow with each passing year?

Isn’t life just a chance that made that ancient soup wiggle with reproductive capabilities and later a cerebrum capable of thought, memory, and learning?

A probability: that a unique ovum gets fertilized by the individual sperm that made you. So, what do you say to your brothers and sisters who never got a chance?

Isn’t life a game of booby traps, eventually making one succumb to heart disease, cancer, infection, homicide, suicide, or an accident. Is dying of old-age good when one becomes that dependent infant no one loves?

Isn’t life just a drama, filled with a few moments of happiness and several heartbreaks, pain, and grief?

It’s said that tomorrow brings hope, but does it? Wars, Pandemics, Poverty, Killings, Torture, and Fights will continue to afflict us like locusts over a crop.

However, aren’t the biggest sins plaguing our society: power, control, and greed? Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Fascism, and Monarchism all have their demons.

Three billion people on this planet live with less than $2 per day, the average income for seven billion people is $7000 per year, and there are 63,000 people with a wealth of $100 M or more!

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