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The Burning Log

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

-Vaibhav Varkhedkar

As the fire burns the log;

Burn fire burn

Destroy the hate that grows over time.

Annihilate the sorrow the envelops our heart

Obliterate the agony the touches our soul

Crush the guilt that we feel in our gut

Eviscerate the evil that possesses our mind

Burn fire burn…

Flare up the love inside us to see good in others

Conflagrate the happiness that lights up our heart

Ignite the pleasure that comes with the promise of a brighter future

Spark our mind to perform benevolent acts

Fire up our passion to invent and discover

Burn fire burn….

Let our losses be converted to ash

Let our defeats turn into smoke

Let our failures be charred into unknown

Let our disappointments disappear into the wind

Let our shame combust into naught

Burn fire burn…….

Heat the shivering, the weak and the cold

Light up the darkness of ignorance and of the night

Cook the food to feed the hunger

Remove the decaying, the dead and into new

Wipe out the demons that ravage us all

The End

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